Tails doll

The Tails Doll

The Tails Doll ,also mistakenly called Puppet Tails or Tails Puppet, is a robot/doll version of Tails built by Dr. Eggman. This, except for the power plant embedded in its head, is a mere stuffed animal, whose meager form nevertheless exhibits considerable ability in races due to its lightweight design. Still, it is also able to float in the air for a long time. He is comparable to Tails in the same way that Metal Sonic is comparable to Sonic. The Tails Doll has a metal rod protruding out of the top of its head that leads to a red gem that seems to control the robot's movements. He is known to be the slowest character, but he can float over water like most of his metal allies, and he can also fly much longer than Tails can.