The Mobius Reborn Wiki holds all information you need of the main characters of a fan-created version of mobius. Some changes within characters, locations and plots may occur. The Mobius Reborn Wiki fuses both, the Archie Series and the Game Series (even the infamous Sonic06) up to one big story of Sonic and his friends.



As the Sonic series are slowly decaying and fading away Mobius Reborn has been created. This project holds a way for fans to relive memories and fix errors SEGA of Japan might've made. Thanks to specific Sonic fans (YOU), SEGA and Sonic Team became terribly lazy. They don't care anymore if a game is good or bad because they know you are going to buy it. They make a bunch of spinoff titles with least possible effort, short levels, glitches and terrible gameplay along with a bunch of new characters that will only die or vanish after the game. SEGA won't listen to you. You ask for Genesis, SEGA brings you something else and you worship it because of Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover. We don't run after SEGA anymore. We don't have to beg them for things to happen or characters to be brought back because they won't listen anyway. Sonic is only about money for them. We can change that and give Sonic a better future, and this is what the Mobius Reborn project is all about. A fact is that games and comics are fused into one big storyline where most of the games are included in. The storyline migt undergo changes. (For example: In "Shadow the Hedgehog" Shadow works on his own. In MobiusReborn Shadow teams up with Nack the Weasel.) Please help us and join our community to make Mobius a better place.

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If you are not interested in a customized version of Sonic the Hedgehog, there are more Sonic Wiki's, like Mobius Encyclopedia and Sonic News Network that hold the canon information for each character, location or plot.

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